Marble Surface


The countertop process can seem overwhelming - let us help!


The first step is to let us create an estimate for your project. To do this, we will need a few things from you:

  • Dimensions – this can be architect's plans or a quick sketch you draw yourself, we just need something that will show us the general shape of the area and the dimensions

  • Material Type – we are scheduling appointments for you to come visit our showroom to get an idea of what material best suits your project. If you are still undecided on your material or color, we can option a few different choices for you!

You can submit this information here, or by contacting our office with a completed sketch sheet or plans.


Sketch Sheet


Visit our showroom to explore samples of the many brands and colors we have available, or visit a stone yard (check out the map of our favorite slab suppliers). If you find something you like, put it on hold under Surface Art Countertops & let us know what you find.


Once you have approved your estimate, our technician will come out and make a physical template. He will go over important details for your project, such as edge details & overhang, so it is important that you are a part of this process.





This is the actual building part of the process, in which we take your slabs of material and cut them to turn them into your finished pieces. 



This is the final step in which we install your new stone and transform your space, just like you had envisioned!